Bluffton, SC Oil Change Service

Your Oil Change Service in Bluffton SC
Is Critical for The Health of Your Car

You already know the importance of keeping your vehicle in proper condition. When you see that light go off in the dashboard, it is quite alarming. Many times, it creates a feeling of panic. Take care of your car and don't get stuck with high expenses later or worse being stranded somewhere.
Make Sure You Change the oil as recommended! A professional technician uses will perform the required maintenance and for a proper oil change. If you are able, use a high grade synthetic oil that will last. It is worth the money!

Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in Bluffton, SC

1.     Fuel efficiency - With the passage of time, treating your vehicle with synthetic oils improves is overall performance and prevents expensive repairs. Meanwhile savings will begin even long before. Using synthetic oil your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is improved to a significant level which even further increases over time. It saves your money and hence, oil changes so after some time, oil change becomes even free of cost considering the money that you would have to otherwise spend on repair. This is a huge benefit that you will enjoy.

2.     Affordability– Although initially, synthetic oil change is more expensive, it greatly benefits the vehicle prolonging its life and creates better performance. It is for this reason in fact, it saves money.

3.     Safety - Modern engine technology demands an advanced care to keep operating at the most efficient capacity. Most new vehicles have been verified for a zero-weight synthetic lubrication standard. Choose low viscosity oil for your car to enhance its performance. You will get better fuel economy and minimizing  old oil accumulations within your vehicle.

By enhancing lubrication and minimizing friction, an oil change in Bluffton at All Pro Tire Pros offers your engine more efficiency, functionality and a longer service life. This also means less oil changes and money savings.

Oil change is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase your car’s life. You can get it done in Bluffton easily and quickly. All Pro Tire Pros can get your car done literally in minutes (once the process is started) and gets you back on the road in no time. The cost varies depending on the amount of oil needed in your car.

How Often You Should Have an Oil Change

An oil change should be done regularly and on a schedule. Your car manual and electronic indicator are adequate indicating points for when you to get your oil change. Using  synthetic oil and based on the manufacturer of your vehicle, it is about 5,000 to 7,500 miles. This is an estimation taken from general driving conditions.

Many cars usually drive in vigorous and variable conditions such as extensive temperatures, high speeds and constant dealing with the traffic. An adequate oil viscosity and thickness are crucial in such service conditions; however, these conditions rapidly affect the oil viscosity, therefore many cars need a conventional oil change after 3,000 miles.

Age of Your Car Can Make a Difference with Oil Change Services

The age of your car also has a significant role in deciding oil change frequency. For example, older vehicles may need oil changed more regularly. In old engines, gaskets and seals collect oil inside keeping engine dry due to oil leaks.

Additionally, with wear and tear of moving components, specifically the cylinder rings, oil will flow into the combustion chamber and may cause breakage or buildup. These damaged components also let unburned fuel mix with oil that decreases oil viscosity and making it less efficient. These factors are critical in maintaining your car in top shape and for top performance. We, at All Pro Tire Pros, care about you and your car. Let’s do it right!

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